Where do we invest

Insight invests in companies with growth potential, recovery or profitability improvement, in Portugal or abroad.

We will participate in well-defined projects with a determined market that promote new technologies and qualified human capital.

Our investment is multi-stage in greenfield and brownfield projects, from Seed-capital to restructuring, of small and medium-sized companies.

We look for sectors in renovation, energy, waste, health, tourism, transport, logistics and industry that need new processes and technologies.

The aim is to select companies that show, alternatively or cumulatively:
• Large markets and rapid growth;
• High EBITDA that increase with the growth of the business;
• Market niches and competitive differentiation.

Insight shares the risk with entrepreneurs and partners who co-invest with it.

Investment Process

The Key to Success
Prior risk/return analysis in order to increase investment multipliers. Emphasis on project team (CEO), market size and existing competitive differentiation.
Investment Process
Balance in the project's capital in order to ensure adequate control and active participation in the management of the company(ies), promoting the sustainable development of the project.
Effective collaboration in the management of companies, valuing them and preparing harmonious disposals with high returns.
Persistent search for Exit opportunities, seeking to align management objectives with the expectations of potential buyers.

What we need from you

If you believe that your company or project fits our verticals and investment philosophy, send us an email to investments@insightventure-scr.com describing it briefly. Attach your Business Plan and/or a Pitch for your project presentation, if you have it, and/or include any information you deem relevant, namely on the following topics:

1Your experience and the experience of your team
clearly identify the founders and tell us why the team assembled is the right one to lead the project;
2The diagnosed opportunity and the Value of the proposed project
characterize the product's advantages in the Consumer's perception, the objective dimension and penetration in your market;
3Competition Assessment, current and future
superiority of your solution over the competition, differentiation and difficulty of imitation: legal, technological, others;
4Where are you on your path
in terms of consumed investment, current costs and internship: product, team, marketing, sales; etc;
5Path traveled so far
foundation, funding rounds, main results obtained, project self-assessment in its current situation (before new investments);
6The milestones you want to achieve
timing of the next goals to be achieved, framing them in the global strategy of the business plan;
7Sales projections for a period of 3 to 5 years
expectable scenarios, more optimistic or pessimistic, at least the big numbers, for now;
8The type of support and the amount of investment
calendar of investment rounds you want and the corresponding percentages of equity granted.
9What impact does your project have on the environmental and social level