Prime Insight

Prime Insight - Subfund of Global Insight - Closed Venture Capital Fund

Invest in Portugal safely
Prime Insight Fund invests in new, modern and disruptive solutions that combine the professionalism of its teams with new technologies and quality of service, in mature sectors with strong potential growth given their international reputation.

Investment Policy

The fund aims to invest in companies with a positive impact on the local economy
In the tourism sector, the fund invests in Portuguese companies managed by specialized professionals with modern and quality solutions that have an impact on the development of tourism in Portugal.
Elderly Care
The fund invests in companies that develop holistic solutions to support the elderly. From modern solutions for care homes and new technologies and ways to improve the quality of life of the elderly.
The fund invests in companies that develop new solutions for monitoring their patients, with the main focus on preventive medicine: new clinics, new and more modern equipment and new treatments.
Life quality
All the investments have in common the promotion of quality of life, in particular the quality of life of the elderly population. Portugal is one of the countries with the best solutions in this area.

Objetivos do fundo

Target Size: 40.000.000€
Investment Term: 8 years
Shares with a 5% preferential dividend