UPC Fund I

UPC Fund I invests in high quality Portuguese technology companies through thorough due diligence, strong risk controls, and careful monitoring.
UPC Fund I seeks out companies that use technology to provide enterprise infrastructure.

​This is a niche sector that is essential to the growth of technology companies globally.

Tech companies are becoming increasingly specialized and disbursed, especially after covid. Most high-tech projects start off with a small group of engineers who focus on building and shipping the product. However, to build a scalable company, these project teams must build strong operations around their core products.

We like that this sector flies under the radar but has high recurring revenues and customer stickiness.

If technology were a gold-rush, we are investing in the next generation of the general store that sells picks and shovels to everyone!!
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Investment Strategy

Tech Focus

Fast growing companies globally

Asset Protection

Investment protected by highly liquid underlying assets

No Leverage

Invest with fund capital only

Sole Asset Holder

No creditor claims to fund assets

Transparent Performance

Valuations available quarterly

Active Management

Active management driving returns while managing risk

Clear Exit

Clear exit strategy upon investment, including timetable and methodology to protect investor capital return

Investment Philosophy

We have identified a niche sector of startups that are creating the operational infrastructure for fast-growing technology companies. By providing support for the non-tech areas of the business, these startups offer efficiency and free up critical bandwidth for their clients.

For example, one of our target companies helps tech teams find brand designers, tax and accounting teams, and compliance consultants. Their work allows teams that focus on AI, web3, and other deep tech to focus on building. Teams do not have to be distracted with researching corporate jurisdictions or finding designers for website and t-shirt designs.

The common theme among these enterprise infrastructure companies is the reliability of revenues. Because of the stickiness of the service, and the relatively low profile of these expenses among tech companies, there’s high recurring revenue and long client lifetime earnings.

We provide strict guidelines on risk parameters for treasury management. We monitor the liquidity, volatility, track record, and compliance of all investments to ensure that no company creates unnecessary risks to our investment. Because our investment comes with veto rights on draws larger than a specified amount, we are able to monitor the development of both the company and its treasury.

Finally, we add value to our investment companies by introducing them to global clients who can expand their business. By helping them to grow, we are de-risking our own investment and building more solid cash flows for our fund.

Target Portfolio

Target Size: € 50.000.000
Target Portfolio 10 - 20 Investments
Fund Term : 8 years
Tickets in each Company: 0.5M - 1.5M €
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