Green Insight I&D


Fund Green Insight I&D

The Green Insight I&D Fund is a closed fund, with maturity of 8 years, focused on Investment in companies certified as suitable in R&D by the National Innovation Agency and with ongoing Research and Development projects.


The GI I&D Fund honors in its investment activities that promote sustainability, namely:

Energy conversion technologies;

Reduction of energy, paper, plastics, and other consumption, limiting waste production;

Dematerialization of processes;

Data processing initiatives, digital documentation and internet applications;

Recycling, pollution control, urban mobility, and development of structure and transport in CO2-free vehicles;

Health care and all activities involving applications in the field of Biotechnology (introduction of new technologies, digital archiving, artificial intelligence, trend diagnosis or other initiatives equally enriching knowledge in the sector);

Food production aimed at healthy eating and obesity control.


Necessary Conditions

  • R&D certification by ANI
  • Qualified Teams

Investment by sectors or areas

  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Paper/ Plastics (reduction and recycling)
  • Process dematerialization
  • Recycling
  • Pollution control
  • Urban Mobility
  • Biotechnology
  • Food production - healthy eating

Project Internships

  • Seed (Idea Development)
  • Start-up (Initial investment)
  • Early Stage
  • Expansion Stage (expansion of active business)


  • % Equity
  • % Converted Loans
  • % Credit Acquisition
  • 15% participations in other Funds

Target Portfolio

Target Returns per
transaction above 10%
0,5 - 2 M € Tickets in each company
Target Portfolio of
10 - 20 investments