Bluewater Capital Fund

The BlueWater Capital Fund - Subfund of the Global Insight Fund - Closed Venture Capital Fund, invests in activities that promote sustainability

Circular Economy, Recycling, Health, Healthy Food, Technology, Water, and Energy, are privileged areas of investment
The sustainability of projects materializes directly in the sectors and activities where investments will be made.

We promote responsible investments.

We integrate ESG factors into investment analysis.

The aim is to achieve a commitment that favors results, the adoption of good sustainable and competitive practices, relationships with stakeholders, the public and the environment.

Investment Policy

Promoting sustainability is the fund's ultimate goal. Making sustainable investments is the chosen way to contribute to the efficient use of resources and the reduction of the carbon footprint.
Circular Economy
Innovative and impactful projects that combine recycling with the production of new materials and energy efficiency
Green Energy
New solutions for maximizing energy efficiency
Use and treatment of water in all areas
Clean Tech
Knowledge-based products or services that improve operational performance, productivity or efficiency and, at the same time, reduce costs, consumption, energy consumption, waste or pollution
New technologies that improve knowledge and operational performance, productivity or efficiency in the sector and, at the same time, reduce costs, consumption, waste or pollution.
Healthy Food
Producing food in a way that protects the environment, makes efficient use of natural resources and improves conditions for those involved

Fund objectives

Target Size: 40.000.000€
Investment Term: 8 years
Shares with a 5% preferential dividend