Green Insight I

Green Insight I is a closed venture capital fund dedicated to investments in Sustainability

The sustainability of the projects is materialized directly in the sectors and activities where the investments will be made. It is also intended to promote a harmonious, stable and lasting relationship between companies and the environment, balancing the resources consumed and the revenue generated.

A commitment that favors results, the adoption of sustainable and competitive good practices, the relationship with stakeholders, the general public and the environment is intended.

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Green Insight I Fund ESG Strategy

Values-based exclusions

Norms-based exclusions

Sustainability themed

Promote ESG integration

Promote impact investing


1. Energy conversion technologies, namely from renewable sources;

2. Reduction of consumption of energy, paper, plastics, and others, limiting the production of waste;

3. Dematerialization of processes;

4. Data Processing Initiatives, Digital Documentation and Internet Applications;

5. Recycling, Pollution Control, Urban Mobility, and Structure and Transport Development in vehicles without CO2 emissions;

6. Healthcare and all activities involving applications in the area of Bio-Technology (introduction of new technologies, digital archiving, artificial intelligence, trend diagnosis or other initiatives that are equally enriching knowledge in the sector).

Target Portfolio

0,5 - 5 M € TICKETS
Expected returns per project,
greater than 10%

Green Insight I Fund Investments?

Invest in sustainability
Green Investment

Social concerns within companies and with Society

Investment with Reputational positive Impact
Lower volatility Investments and Higher returns in the long run